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Jiangsu Super New Material Technology Co., Ltd is located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Our company is a professional supplier for SPC flooring, engineered flooring, and laminate flooring, CAD and 3D design are both provided for your home and office.
We have 1000+ colors in stock for your reference, supplying exactly color matching service.

The workshop has an automatic production line, which is very efficient and can save labor costs. We also own professional QC teams to check on the quality.

Floor sample catalogs and floor displays are available here, it is a necessary assistant for your floor sales.

Advantages of Bamboo Flooring

  • Higher density, twice harder than Oak
  • Lower formaldehyde release
  • Waterproof bamboo flooring
  • Competitive price compared with solid hardwood

Why Choosing Bamboo Flooring?


  • Grow Rapidly

Bamboo is the fastest growing grass plant, it only takes about 4-5 years to mature.


  • Environmental Friendly

Bamboo is a highly renewable & recyclable resource. It is no need to replant after harvesting because the root system ensures that bamboo will re-grow rapidly, unlike hardwood.


  • High Hardness

Greater than many kinds of wood, including popular flooring choices like oak and maple.


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Bamboo Flooring Application

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