Let’s tell you more details about flooring products. Before you buy, you should know more about how to select suitable flooring items and how to prepare for installing new floors.

JSSUPER FLOOR will let you learn more about different types of our floorings in stock, like SPC flooring, engineered flooring, laminate flooring, and so on. Otherwise, JSSUPER FLOOR  will tell you what best fits your needs.

How many years is the average service life of SPC flooring?

In the work, we often encounter customers ask such a question: How long does your SPC flooring last? How long will it break down? Maybe someone will tell him, 10 years, 15 years, or 20 years, but these are inaccurate.

There are many factors that affect the service life of SPC flooring, mainly the following aspects:

① SPC flooring quality;

② SPC flooring use occasions;

③ auxiliary material selection;

④ construction process;

⑤ daily maintenance.

How to install wood flooring - these four methods are indispensable to you!
  • The traditional way of laying: Playing keel-laying method
  1. Features

Long wooden strips as the material, according to a certain distance of the laying method. Bending strength is sufficient, are available in this method. Many raw materials of the keel, widely used are the wood keel, and plastic keel, aluminum alloy keel, etc.

  1. Suitable for the type of flooring

Suitable for the laying of solid wood flooring, bending strength is sufficient, you can use this laying method.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages

When laying, punching holes in the ground, small wooden block for ground leveling, fixing wooden keel with nails, and then fixing the floor on the keel, after laying, you can step on the keel with both feet to check whether the keel is firm and whether there is ground inequality.

Advantages: no need to drill holes in the ground, which will not damage the structure of the stairs.

  • Simple laying way: Suspended laying method
  1. Features

The floor is not fixed in the ground, usually the ground is laid on the floor mat, the floor mat with locking, slotted floor splicing into one. At present, the commonly used floor mat material is paving mat treasure.

  1. Suitable flooring types

Suitable flooring: laminate wood flooring and solid wood laminate flooring – two kinds.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages

Laying simple, short duration, easy to repair and maintain; the floor is not easy to arch, deformation, local damage and other situations. But the only drawback is easy to moisture.

  1. Laying points

High requirements for the levelness and dryness of the ground, when the height of the living room floor is lower than the height of the kitchen and bathroom, used for floor heating leveling, both to solve the problem of thermal conductivity, but also to solve the problem of the drop. Second-hand renovation, on the original ground, is more suitable for this method of laying.

  • Leveling laying method: Flat laying method
  1. Features

Floor bonding in the ground, quick installation, requiring dry, clean and flat ground. Due to the limited flatness of the ground, for the length of 30cm below the cork floor.

2.Applicable floor types

Suitable for parquet and cork flooring, in addition, the stone plastic flooring is also applicable.

3.Advantages and disadvantages

Quick installation and beautiful, but high requirements for construction, and easy to produce warping phenomenon.

  1. Points of paving

Straight laying ground shall be leveled by cement, which will not affect the house, but the cost is higher. If you use cork flooring, it is recommended to do mortar self-leveling on the original foundation.

  • The mass laying method: Gross floor keel method
  1. Features

First, pave the keel, the upper side of laying the gross floor, the gross floor and keel fixed, and then lay the floor on the gross floor, strengthen the moisture-proof ability, and feel comfortable and soft feet.

2.Suitable flooring type

Suitable for solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring, etc., laying the gross flooring on the keel to suspend the laying method.

3.Advantages and disadvantages

Good moisture resistance, comfortable footing. But the loss is more, the cost is also higher.

  1. Key points

The gross flooring is laid on the keel, and it becomes oblique angle 30 degrees or 45 degrees. Installing laminate flooring on the gross floor, according to the suspension laying method.

Fishbone flooring, make the home more wonderful!

As a new favorite in the flooring industry, fishbone flooring is a combination of beauty, talent, and strength, which makes people feel moved at first glance and never get tired of looking at it!

Explore the beauty of craftsmanship

If there is flooring that can make people’s hearts flutter and create a room full of charm in a still space, it is definitely a fishbone floor!

Walk into JSSUPER flooring and have a journey of exploration about the “fishbone” process in the intertwined wood grain texture.

Fishbone parquet is also called chevron, and its shape is as light and agile as a fish’s skeleton. In many world-famous buildings, there are fishbone flooring left that a heavy ink, such as France’s Versailles Palace.

Fishbone flooring in the paving process, the acute angle of the spar is usually 45 degrees or 60 degrees, pay attention to just the right exquisite and noble, each piece of wood flooring, as an asymmetrical parallelogram, so that the visual sense of space is infinitely elongated, layered and rich style.

Pave a beautiful home

Fishbone wood flooring, paved in the home, is a kind of artistic accent sculpture, for each occupant to stage a visual feast.

The original wood-colored Fishbone flooring is soaked in a french romantic atmosphere, with a simple and pure wood color as the tone, on top of the delicate texture and touch, highlighting the open space of transparency and romance.

Shades of interwoven collision fishbone flooring, flowing with a constant source of natural vitality, breaking the coldness of the modern minimalist space, so that the home is full of design tension, in the vigorous natural vitality, enjoy the good life!

What flooring for underfloor heating? Don't choose the wrong one!

Underfloor heating is one of the most popular heating systems today, has entered thousands of households. In some European and American countries, one house is heated and cooled with geothermal energy. But, after the installation of floor heating, what flooring to lay on top can not be careless, the following for you to explain what flooring suitable for floor heating.

Usually, summer installation of floor heating is relatively cost-effective, anti-seasonal decoration not only do not have to worry about the construction period, but cost-effective is also the highest. When the winter heating season comes, it is just the right time to enjoy the spring-like warmth of floor heating at home. So, now let’s learn which flooring is not suitable for underfloor heating, what flooring is best for underfloor heating.

Not suitable for underfloor heating flooring

Want to understand what flooring is good for underfloor heating, it is worthwhile to see which flooring is not suitable for underfloor heating. The following flooring is not suitable for use in the geothermal environment.

  1. Pure solid wood flooring

As the installation of solid wood flooring is required to play the keel fixed, if we will lay the solid wood flooring above the geothermal, it will cause some damage to the floor heating pipes, in addition to solid wood flooring if the heat or temperature change is large, easy to appear arch, tile change, cracking, away from the seam and other phenomena.

  1. Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is mostly glued together, so the formaldehyde content contained is more. And its insulation is poor, will directly affect the heat spread of floor heating, it is easy to crack deformation when exposed to heat and water, so it is not suitable for laying floor heating.

  1. LVP

Although the price of this material flooring is more affordable, its shortcomings are deformation when encountering heat sources, and emit a pungent smell, so it is also not suitable for underfloor heating.

What flooring is good for geothermal and underfloor heating?

1.Three-layer solid wood flooring

Chinese “wood flooring for floor heating” on the floor’s heat resistance, humidity and heat resistance, thermal conductivity, and other detailed provisions: the thickness of solid wood composite flooring for floor heating is 12-15mm, which is also the thickness standard for geothermal flooring. Three-layer solid wood flooring is one of the most suitable wood floorings for use in the underfloor heating environment, and most households in the Nordic countries are choosing three-layer solid wood flooring as the flooring for underfloor heating. In addition, JSSUPER’s three-layer HPL engineered flooring has a more favorable price than solid wood laminate, which can also be used for floor heating.

  1. Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has very good wear resistance and resistance to deformation, the non-heating season can withstand all kinds of moisture, heating season, and can adapt to the sudden rise in ground temperature. Installed on top of the floor heating, it can efficiently convey heat energy and is not deformed.

  1. Solid wood geothermal flooring

Solid wood geothermal flooring refers to the solid wood flooring after a special process, so that it has high stability, can be used directly for geothermal and floor heating environment commonly used solid wood geothermal flooring have teak flooring, pineapple flooring, etc., for floor heating effect are very good.

I hope that the above summary of the floor heating special floor can be a little help to you, which can make you a better choice when you buy flooring.

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